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In sport, competition is a competition of speed against an objective criterion, usually a watch or a specific point. Competitors in a race trying to complete a given task in the shortest possible time. Usually, this involves traveling some distance, but can be any other task that involves speed to achieve a specific goal.

A race can be run continuously from beginning to end or can be done in different segments called heats, stages or legs. Heat usually runs on the same course at different times. A step is a shorter section of a much longer course or a time trial.

The earliest recordings of the races are evident in the ceramics of ancient Greece, which represented men running in competition for the first place. A chariot race described in Homer’s Iliad.

The word race comes from a Norse word. This Norse word came to France during the invasion of Normandy and gave the word root meaning “fast water” in Britain, as in a factory race; It can be found in “Pointe du Raz” (the western point of France, in Brittany), and “tidal wave” (tsunami). The word career means a “speed contest” was first recorded in the 1510s.

A race and its name is often associated with the place of origin, means of transport and distance from the race. As a few examples, see the Dakar Rally or the Athens Marathon.

Running a distance is the most basic form of the race, but the race can be driven in vehicles such as boats, cars, bicycles and aircraft; Or with animals such as horses or dogs. Races can also be carried out with other modes such as skis, snow scooters, roller skates or wheelchair transport; Or other forms of movement such as swimming or walking. In a relay race, team members take turns racing parts of a circuit or performing some form of race.

Orientation races add an extra task of using a map and a compass to navigate from a point to varied and generally unknown terrain.

A career may also involve other purposes such as eating. A common race is a run consists of eating hot dogs, where competitors try to eat hot dogs more than other runners.

Races can also be more fun and fun ways like sausage breed, Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix race and wok. Racing can entertain the world.

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