Sprint finishes

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A final sprint race is a tactic used in many forms of racing where a competitor accelerates to the maximum speed in the final phase of a race. This tactic is mostly associated with career forms and long distance cycling, which often have large groups of competitors operating at a slower pace for much of the race. This slow aerobic race allows for further anaerobic activity needed to operate. The tactic relies on maintaining the higher energy reserves of his opponent until the last part of the race in order to be able to reach the end point first. It is the opposite tactic to maintain a constant optimum pace during a race to maximize energy efficiency (see economy goes).

In athletics, distances of 1500 meters upwards often have arrived at the sprint. They can also be found in the events on the ground and the road, even the distance of the marathon. The ability of a runner sprint at the end of a career is also known as his finishing touch. Multi-sport races such as triathlons often have to present themselves as the final section and tactics will happen to apply as they are only in running events.

In cycling, sprint finishes are an integral part of this sport and are used in bike path and road cycling both. Bike sprints are usually very tactical, especially on the track, with occasional cyclists coming to a stop near the points before reaching a high final speed. Racing longer track, as Raspadura races often feature sprint finishes as they keep a steady pace in the pack allows opponents to conserve energy by writing Routes [8] [clarification necessary] route are similar in this regard, the Long distance races. Sprint tactics also form a significant part of rankings points in road events where riders specialize in achieving an intermediate point first, gaining extra points and resulting awards.

Sprint finishing tactics are also used in speed skating, cross country skiing, long distance swimming, horse racing and other sports racing animals. Gone are the sprint events in themselves, as the 100-meter race track, usually not called sprint finish, as all competitors are already running by default (and therefore does not constitute a tactical race) .

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